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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 14, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, brian kilmeade. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪
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♪ >> dana: it's being called the trip from h-e-l-l. carnival ship has been floating without power for four days and is inching toward land after the engine room caught fire on sunday. there has been update from the cruise line on when it is supposed to arrive in mobile, alabama. >> our estimate based on everything we know now is that time frame from now until the cruise terminal will be pl 7 to 10 hours. once the ship ties up, we estimate it will take four to five hours to complete demarcation of all the guests off the ship. >> dana: there are more than 4,000 people on board the disabled vessel. passengers say it's been a complete nightmare to say the least. >> our biggest challenge was the whole bathroom situation. >> how worried are you about the health risks? >> we are all very worried about that. >> comment like bring out the food. there is no bathroom at all. it's very crowded. so we are all hot and there is
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no air. it's just horrible. >> dana: hearing the words make you feel bad for them. i have not been on a cruise. eric, you have? >> eric: i have. i was young at the time. it can tell you it won't happen again. first of all, my wife would never get on a boat like that. this is a floating bacteria barge. raw sewage up and down the hallways. carnival is going to have a huge p.r. problem on their hands. they have -- mickey erickson was the ceo, his father was founder of carnival cruises. also involved i on the boat in italy that ran aground. this is what they should do. 4,500 passengers. get them off the boat. they're smart -- i guarantee you they are doing it at night so we don't have pictures of them getting off the boatism bet my last daughter they are waiting offshore until darkness and then they will bring them back to shore. i would give them not $500 like they are saying. i would give them $10,000 each. i would spend a couple of
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million bucks. >> dana: make them whole. >> eric: make them happy. make them happier. $500, please. >> dana: let me tell you what you get and have you comment. >> brian: i have been on a lot of cruises. >> dana: the cruise line said it will give each of the passengers, they get $500, free flight home, full refund for the trip. and most of the expenses on board. and then credit for another cruise, i don't know if anyone is going to cash that in. >> brian: setting up shantytown. there are pregnant women without food. they will land in mobile, alabama. they still don't have a place to stay. they bus them to new orleans. $10,000 check would go a long way. right now they're in survival mode. one quote said it's katrina on a ship. they are setting up shantytowns because it's too hot to sleep indoors. this is unbelievable we can't get a chopper to drop mres above so at least the pregnant women can eat. why are we staring at this boat? why can't you get a boat next to that boat?
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>> eric: do you have something against onion sandwichs? >> brian: a little bit. >> dana: i do. i sit in between you guys. andrea, there was one woman, she needed dialysis and they were able to get her off the ship. she has been in texas there. to celebrate her 60th birthday with 29 family members. big deal. she says she has been so worried. what do you think it would be like to be on that ship? what would you do? >> andrea: this is my greatest nightmare realized. i don't know what i would do. you can't jump off the boat. that's everybody's inclination. i have been on a cruise before but i have to tell you i am kind of closter phobic and i -- closter phobic and i get seasick. i don't like the pressure of getting back to the boat on a different port. too much stress her. everybody when you live in --b. if you are claustrophobic and you get seasick, why did you go? >> andrea: i was 12. it was lovely. but not my thing. big p.r. problem.
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mickey erickson the ceo of carnival, not this big p.r. situation on his hand, he was spotted at a miami heat game tuesday night. you would think he learned his lesson after the costa concordeia. don't go to a game. look like you are working to fix this thing. >> dana: the fire in the engine room happened sunday. sunday to monday. monday, tuesday. now today is thursday at 5:00. let me get thought on the cruise situation. i would like your p.r. advice for this. >> bob: this description sounds like my first apartmen apartment. they have sea-going tugboats. >> eric: they don't want to hit port in daylight.
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every camera -- >> bob: time it. the other thing is, from a public relationships standpoint pull the -- i would get mickey on television and explain what is going on here. i would put them in the port to check it out so it doesn't happen. >> brian: confront it directly. >> bob: absolutely. >> eric: any expert will tell you stay low. shouldn't at the heat game. this guy is worth $5 $5-6 billion. his dad founded carnival cruise line. if he comes up with $5-$10 million and make them hole -- stay away from the camera. he tried it the last time. >> bob: that is a lawyer's argument. when the guy did it tylenol, he went to television and stopped it in the tracks. that is what should happen here. they don't take responsibility for their problems. >> dana: being advised by a big p.r. communications
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agency, i think it was different in that one person with an evil intent did something to that company's product to make other people sick. in this case, i think the thing is so confusing is why they haven't been able to get food. i can understand the bathroom situation. i but i understand. it and i understand the electricity piece. but not taking food -->> brian: makes no sense. choppers, drop it. tug boths could bring it to the lower hatch where they send the dingies out. >> eric: you have the nautical terms down. >> brian: thank you. i spend a lot of time on land. i look smart now. i'm thinking about future customers. i'm not even worried about these. these customers will never be customers again. 4,000. you to do what bob beckel said. confront it directly. no one takes responsibility.
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stop worry about saying the right thing. say i'm worried sick about the guys. i want sleeves rolled up and sweaty. >> andrea: give the appearance you are embarrass and upset. you feel their pain. you are giving me a bad wrap for not liking cruises. ice sculptures are lovely. i did a dance routine and i won. sang elton john "your song." >> bob: sorry i miss that performance. but given cruise ship history, remember legion's air disease? started on a cruise ship. one after another. and yet they're full of people. they play off fear of flying and the food. it went on with my kids and 15 hours out i was ready to go back. >> dana: did you enter the talent competition? >> bob: no. i was in the bar.
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gambling casino. >> eric: there is 4 ,500 people thon boat. the italian ship that ran aground was a year-and-a-half ago. it doesn't take long for people to forget that and get back. they see a good deal, palm trees and join us. >> dana: you think it won't happen -- the chances of it happening are so slim that you might as well go ahead and take a chance. how mad is everybody else in the cruise business? >> eric: this is not affecting the stock price. it's down a couple of percent through the whole thing. the people, the money guys are saying, look, people have short memories. this is a disaster. it's terrible. no one is dead, knock on wood so far. people will forget about this. a few million bucks at these people will go a long way.
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>> bob: pain and suffering. >> andrea: how long will it take congress to do something about this? we used to hear about the terrible stories about people trapped on planes. they didn't have food. they were maybe not having the sanitary conditions on the plane. they passed a law in congress. any airline that lets a plane sit on the tarmac for more than three hours gets fined $25,000 per passenger. that's why they keep canceling all the flights. i'm just, i'm just throwing it out there. >> eric: that is u.s. these ships are regulated by maritime law. once they leave port it's a different set of rules. it's not an airport. >> brian: build on the hero's legislation. >> andrea: spearheading it. >> brian: i need a plan. american ship. i need a plan in each port. if something goes wrong here, how do we get out? if something goes wrong here, how do we get out? until i see an evacuation
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plan, i don't greenlight it. >> bob: from here on out there should be evacuation plans to deal with. this never another situation -- >> dana: shouldn't we have had it after the titanic? >> eric: no one tied. if you try to evacuate 4,500 people from one ship to another and someone falls over the side and guys is that a better plan? >> bob: getting them off the boat is a better plan. 'canes is why i am a big proponent of the road trip. mom and dad, cross country. go up to mount rushmore and see mount rushmore. i'm a fan of that. a day on land. >> bob: travel with your family. fine. >> brian: go there and watch them fracking, right? great family vacation. >> dana: not at mount rushmore. >> andrea: there is no ice sculpture. >> brian: i'm the most cruise savvy guy here but i don't know the nautical term. >> andrea: a regular seaman. admiral. >> dana: all right. coming up, dr. ben carson, senator marco rubio, they have
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been facing a barrage of attacks in the press over the last few days. is it legit criticism or is there something else in play? we'll discuss it when we come back. ♪ ♪
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be >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." senator marco rubio delivered a powerful rebuttal to president obama's "state of the union" this week. but you wouldn't know it from the mainstream media. they were fixated from the fact he needed a drink of water. and that nbc cable news operation played it over 150 times. and cnn thinks that it could actually hurt his career. take a listen. >> can a drink of water hurt a political career? >> these things happen when you don't know what you are saying or believe what you're saying. they certainly felt the heat and couldn't help but swallow his own pride as he turned water in to whining.
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>> rubio's water gate moment is awkward for him and many in the republican party that sees him as the g.o.p. savior. >> it's rubio's watergate. even "zero dark thirsty." >> andrea: we have seen bill clinton drone on and on at the "state of the union." he said in conclusion and people clapped. we have seen the president chew nicorette gum at prayer breakfast. but no media pondering about that or the end of their careers. is this a big distraction because rubio a rising star? >> dana: this is a great way not to learn any policy that you have to talk about. just talk about rubio. you take a risk when you say you will do the response. the only reason any of the responses will you're a democrat or republican is if they are memorable is because something went wrong or something was weird.
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if he hadn't taken the drink of water they would haven't talked about him for 20 seconds. but instead they piled on. the piling on, you kind of expect it. i love how rubio's office handled it. with humor and god reminds you how you're human at odd times. but when the white house piled on, i thought that was not -- i don't think it represented president obama well. they could have taken the high road and said everyone gets thirsty and let it go. instead they look like total jerks. >> andrea: this is started to backfire. rubio turned it to gold. he received more twitter followers and said i'll drink water in all my speeches. he has been raising money, eric, with branded water bottles at $25 a pop. what a great way to hand a situation like this and just be self-deprecating. >> eric: first, like to point out, dana, i pointed
2:20 pm
your theory out it was a no win situation. that response for contenders should turn it down. watergate, al not so sharp sharpton said it's watergate and zero dark thirsty. he spent more time talking about rubio's water issue than benghazi. that is scary and sad. if i'm marco rubio, i go what happened there? did i really need to lean way over out of the shot to grab sip of water from bottle? he has dry mouth issues. we spent time with him in tampa. every time he gets up to speak he needs to drink. that is okay. but it was so awkward. it was awkward. >> andrea: wonder if chronic dry mouth is covered under obamacare. there was only a minute-and-a-half left of the speech. you brought up al sharpton. he is also human. remember this?
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>> we have more to go to build a movement of resistance but resist we must. we must we will much about that be committed. [ laughter ] >> andrea: what was that again? i forgot, you're not perfect. what about that, brian? >> brian: i remember it clearly. he just started and i thought give him a break. i feel for somebody in that situation. because your mouth is dry. you said it's chronic. no idea. the starch on your shirt is phenomenal. >> eric: thank you. >> brian: never a wrinkle. the reason marco rubio can bounce backed bobby jindal needed time to rehab from it. jindal didn't hop back in the national spotlight. rubio all over immigration and still the go to guys for the issues. he will make you forget about it because he will in the middle of five more news stories in the next three weeks. not going in hibernation. >> andrea: someone used to
2:22 pm
work in administration called rubio dangerous for democrats. he can connect emotionally. is there worry about rubio? >> bob: this is much ado about nothing. it wasn't bill clipton who said in conclusion, when he got of the "state of the union." he gave the commencement speech in 1988. what did he do? he went on leno and played a saxophone and made a joke. same thing that rubio will do. it will backfire. it's not that big of a deal. he wasn't well served. he should have had a glass of water there. eric and dana are right, you don't want to follow the president of the united states. whoever came up with the follow the "state of the union" idea, which was, 10 or 15 years old now is bad idea. >> dana: i agree. they could do away with it altogether. well, i don't know maybe the democrats wouldn't. i don't see what it gets you. >> andrea: why is it that setting? do a response, go somewhere in an auditorium or a huge auditorium and music and make it --
2:23 pm
>> dana: remember governor mcdonald did it from the state house of virginia. it was still, it was empty. quiet. >> bob: that was bobby jindal. >> dana: that was another one. i mean all of them -- i remember them because of the things that went wrong. >> bob: i got in trouble for the jindal. i won't get in to. >> eric: i will tell you, i disagree. marco rubio should never bring another bottle of water. stop playing the joke. it's over. >> dana: what the white house should have done, they should have had president obama send rubio case of water with a handwritten note. that would have been a nice fun little touch to do. instead of being a jerk. >> andrea: also, it's not just marco rubio. the left is also going ben carson who spoke at the prayer breakfast and rush limbaugh and allen west had thoughts on the democrats' attack of him. >> eric: he violated the unwritten rule of being the african-american male and he criticized the policies of president obama. we have to start talking about
2:24 pm
policies failing the country. dr. carson, hat tipped to him for having the platform, and being able to challenge the followers. >> the left cannot handle opposition. particularly on ideas. they know they lose rate. they find it difficult to demonize carson. obama campaign team get in gear if he keeps talking and they will find way to smear him and ruin his life. >> andrea: what do you think? does he have a point? >> bob: no. they won. rush should keep it in mind. dr. carson was different than the rest of the guys. he ruined a prayer breakfast, a bipartisan i vent. he should have kept his mouth shut. >> eric: god forbid he stands up and make sense. how could you do it to president obama? >> andrea: no one likes to criticize. >> bob: have you been to a
2:25 pm
prayer breakfast? >> eric: i haven't but if president obama would step on a neutral turf or come on fox. the heat turned up a little bit maybe we would haven't to or they wouldn't have to take the shots in the prayer breakfast. >> andrea: all right. thin skin. president obama wants higher wages for the poor. take a listen. >> tonight, in wealthiest nation on earth no one who works full-time should live in poverty. praise federal minimum wage to $9 an hour. >> andrea: will it help or hurt the low-wage workers? eric has an econ tutorial for the next president when we come back. ♪ ♪ to grow, we have to boost our social media visibility.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to econ. "the five" style. president obama declared war on young voters when he demanded raising the federal minimum wage by 24% from $7.25 to $9 an hour. offer the president friendly advice. free tutorial in economics, something they don't in each community organizers school. mr. president, every time in the last 15 years we raise the minimum wage unemployment jumps. who is hit the worst? you guessed it. teens. i'll put my glasses, if you don't mind. i'll need it. from 2000 to 2007, the minimum wage was $5.15. stayed 15-16% among teen unemployment. look what happens when they raise it to $5.85 the following year. 2008. it jumped to 18.7%. the following year after that, they raised it to $6.55. 24.3%. another raise, got it up to $25.8%. where it's been at 7:25 since
2:31 pm
then. starting to ease off. if president obama has any, any idea what is he doing in the economy he won't raise the minimum wage. why does president obama -- >> bob: why do you have a bad economic professor. give you facts from the economics glaseconomic class. that i took. massachusetts has $8 minimum wage, higher than most. they have 15% unemployment amongst teenagers, lowest in the country. >> dana: 15%? we're going to do cart wheels for that? >> bob: this is 24-25%. excuse me, can i finish? can i finish? ohio has 19% unemployment. vermont, 19%. >> eric: nevada -- >> bob: by the way -- >> eric: let's go higher. [over talk ] 31.9 -- >> bob: why don't we pick out the depression numbers to come up with these. you pick that recession year,
2:32 pm
of course, it's higher among teenagers. it's always highest mark. >> eric: look at the end of the thing. look. 10, 11, 12, not recession years. unemployment still up 25%. >> dana: that is during the recovery. >> bob: and it's coming down. correct. >> eric: right. go ahead. >> dana: i was being -- >> bob: coming down from 24.8 to 23.4%. >> dana: most people, that are in the business world look at that and say here we go. make it harder for the people to get a job. great. in the "wall street journal" they talked about the earned income credit. if you adjusted it, help them in that way, people wouldn't get $9. ill would work out to $10.32 an hour. it would be a different way to address it without harming the business community.
2:33 pm
this does hurt it. the numbers bear it out. >> bob: where does it bear it out? >> brian: your body language is negative. >> eric: for the last 15 years, unemployment -- >> bob: the middle of a recession. >> dana: i thought this was a recovery. north dakota recovery it's coming down. >> dana: recover was started in june of 2009. >> bob: coming down. >> brian: i had choice in school, gym or economics. i chose gym. bear with me. >> bob: better than eric. >> brian: he has his own business show. "cashing in." wonderful show. $3.35 when i was coming up. if you do a good job you get a raise. minimum waim was never meant to build career on. meant to start a career on. this is what you do. you know this. you are a hard-working guy. if you work 4 hours for the minimum wage, get a job at night until you work one job to pays you enough to have one job. this is a path.
2:34 pm
this isn't a destination. >> bob: good point. >> andrea: he has his own business show. why don't you your own gym show? >> bobcan expand on what brian said it's not just that people have to get another job. they get comfortable making $9 an hour. they don't seek bettering themselves to get out of the minimum wage -- i think from a p.r. standpoint, democrats do this to the right a lot. if you say things like propose the mississippi wage. if you are against it, you are not in favor of workers. i can tell you if you raise the price of employment, you get less of it. >> bob: you say the recession is going on until now. how many hamburgers get flipped? fewer hambergers flipped? >> eric: it will cost the customer -- >> bob: you have to show me jobs that are lost -->>
2:35 pm
>> eric: the study by the southern something institute, i don't have it off the top of my head, $9 minimum wage would cost 467,000 jobs. there is your number. >> bob: you should have proof and not rush limbaugh's organization. >> eric: a quick angle here if i may. a lot of union jobs are paid on minimum wage times one. times two. times three. is this just payback for unio union? >> dana: guy flipping burgers foran hour. i don't think he wants -- for $8$9 an hour, he doesn't want that job. he wants to work in energy industry to build a pipeline or start a business to feed guys making the pipeline or fix trucks to help take supplies to the pipeline. there are things we could do to create better jobs and more jobs and better opportunities. >> eric: southern economic journal.
2:36 pm
>> andrea: how about the greek diner institute. you keep talking about restaurants. i will tell you first hand they will limit the hours of the employers. they did it in 2009. it disproportionately affected young people. 336,000 jobs. >> eric: and women. >> bob: show me in good economic times raising the minimum wage law unemployment went up? didn't happen. >> eric: i just showed you. >> bob: you didn't. not in good economic data. >> eric: coming up, the outcry over the olympic committee decision to drop the beloved sport of wrestling. brian who is no stranger to grabbing men in tights will tell us -- >> brian: what is wrong with you? note ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here is the republican attempt to hold up the nomination of one of their own as defense secretary. tonight on "special report," democrat senators were unable to stop a republican filibuster against the vote on former nebraska senator chuck hagel. republicans are insisting on among other things answers from the administration about the terror attack against the u.s. mission in libya last september. confusion about the assault is dogging the president's pick for c.i.a. chief john brennan as well. he is asked to explain his testimony between hillary clinton's. we have talk about it live with senator lindsey graham. two weeks from the implementation of the sequester. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now have back to my colleagues at new york and "the five." ♪ ♪
2:42 pm
>> greg: a cruel blow to beloved sport. the international olympic committee voted to rid ourselves of wrestling. no wrestling is in the olympics. one of the original sports. a lot of people are upset, including me and including donald rumsfeld. writing a letter to the ioc yesterday for them to reconsider. rumsfeld was a captain in high school, captain at princeton and wrestled in the navy with dennis hastert, kevin james, billy baldwin, they are banning together to stop the outrage. why get rid of wrestling? >> bob: nitwits and some people who are not, never had to support in their life. they leave in ping-pong. race walking? >> dana: you know what?
2:43 pm
they're bums. euro trash who made that decision. >> dana: a race walker at the capitol is harry reid. >> brian: 1897 is when olympics started and it began with wrestling. it's the ultimate character sport. you can be big or small. you have a place. if they take it away it's going to crush a sport beat up by title 9 in college. >> andrea: as a greek i'm offended they are trying to change the olympics. this is unfortunate for guys training for the olympics for a long time. this will hurt college sports and high school sports. what are you supposed to work toward? if you get rid of the super bowl, the ultimate goal. this is the goal for the guys.
2:44 pm
this is the wussificaton of the world. >> gregworld. >> bob: you need all these for modern petasiaon, who would you rather watch? >> eric: they took baseball out as well. leave wrestling in. every high school and college in country has a wrestling team. you need a mat. that is all you need. you don't have to have equipment and tons of insurance. >> dana: i think this is a war on short guys. this is a war on shorter guys. and from p.r. perspective, give them advice. donald rumsfeld is great. i love him. but they need a letter from the swimsuit model, kate
2:45 pm
upton. to say we want, us ladies want wrestling to stay. then they have a better shot. >> brian: good point. glad we stopped there. go to white and tell them that you want the president to address this. >> dana: i don't want the president dealing with this. >> brian: i want him to help out. >> dana: no! >> bob: good idea. >> brian: thank you. >> dana: bad idea. >> brian: now talk about billion-dollar industry. since 1997 had its own gig, "sports illustrated" swimsuit modle in that issue have been run away best seller. everyone loves them. now they claim racist and say it's racism. and bias in these ads. >> andrea: crazy. they are saying this because the beautiful bikini-clad women are in pictures with traditional chinese farmers. there is another huntsnan the media. they say this is unfair and racist because while these lovely white women are opposing, the matadors have to
2:46 pm
work. >> brian: why are they being used as props? kate up top was in w penguins. >> andrea: modeling is hardwork. if you've ever tried to model. i'm not a model. i could never be a model. it's hard work. this is from the jezebel website. there are angry feminists that get mad at beautiful women every year. >> dana: i am embarrassed. i was focused on the wrestling, i didn't know about the "sports illustrated." i could have made a much better transition. >> eric: this is the people upset about the coca-cola ad. c'mon, this is beautiful magazine. let them have their moment. i didn't need to his butt. to be honest. >> dana: that was great. on "fox and friends" didn't you have a wrestler on "60 minutes." there was a documentary and
2:47 pm
changed his life? >> brian: we did. >> bob: after we decided to do this story, i read this and i only paid attention to the pictures. in the asian area, i better be careful here. the asian gentleman dominated the picture. the swimsuit was over -- okay. >> andrea: sexist. >> brian: 15 minutes before the top of the hour. directly ahead. the story was spectacular. we loved it for a while. but not this one. oscar pistorius made history this summer as "blade runner." running with able-body running with the blaze for legs. but today he sits in jail accused of murder. stunning news today from south africa next on "the five." all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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>> bob: last summer, oscar pistorius became the double amputee sprinter to compete at the olympic games and nicknameed "the blade runner." today he was charged with murder.
2:52 pm
accused of shooting his model girlfriend. four times at his south african home. this guy was applauded by a lot of people. it looks like the applause was premature. >> eric: let's wait and find out what happened. she is shot four times and found dead inside his apartment or house or whatever. background on him. he had $2 million endorsement deal from nike. >> bob: it was dropped. >> eric: no, just pulled the commercials off the air. what happens to a guy with fame and money? this is insane. be>> brian: we ran it this morning and we didn't have the details. is it true he thought it was an intruder and blew her away by mistake? police has come out and said we never said that.
2:53 pm
>> dana: that was breaking news. the reason they thought that is november he tweeted i thought it was an intruder. good thing i have a -- >> bob: domestic problems there. >> andrea: incidents. >> brian: but she tweeted something out about valentine's day. if they had problems she didn't know about it. and previous domestic nature at the home. if they don't think you did the murder do they arrest you. is it by accident are you in jail? >> bob: not only if they think you did the murder, they arrest you. we did this on him. the question is i thought it was ridiculous to allow him to do this. using artificial means to accelerate of body. too bad. and the girl shouldn't have been killed but it raise eswhether this thing should compete in any event.
2:54 pm
>> andrea: i don't think he will competing for a long time. they did pull the nike ad. the report of domestic violence is where the red flags go up. the story of surprising her and intruder that is not coming from the police. where is that coming from? >> bob: it's amazing what they do with the artificial limbs and other things that need to be fixed on the human body. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ hi. hi.
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>> dana: time for one more thing. bob is my good friend so go first. >> bob: thank you. "shut up, bob." can you see the cover of this? this is our own andrea tantaros on the cover of yesterday's "new york observer. "get a copy of this. wonderful story about the new radio show. they call it the new "it" girl on fox. it won't comment on the rest of the cartoon. it's appropriate as well. congratulations. >> andrea: thank you, bob. thank you very much. >> dana: dan degreia. >> andrea: have you wondered who set the record for longest kiss? brian you stay up late wondering. it was a thai couple set the record for the second time in three years. guess how long the kiss lasted? 50 hours.
2:59 pm
, 58 minutes and 58 seconds in a kiss-a-thon. they were drinking water out of a straw to keep them hydrated. marco rubio would do well this. they had judges that escorted them on the bathroom. during the whole process. asia has other interesting traditions. japanese have a tradition that women give you chocolate. >> dana: men are always figuring it out. >> dana: you something funny. >> eric: watch "the five" every day. last night if you watched you saw john fibbing kid. hilarious. today he was on "ellen." watch. >> i'm going to ask you questions an you'll tell me the truth, right? >> yeah. >> what is your name? [ inaudible ] that's right. how old are you? >> three. >> you're three? >> yeah. >> have you ever lied about eating sprinkles?


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